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May 24, 2007 at 02:46pm IST

Strike leaves M'rashtra powerless

Mumbai: Several parts of Maharashtra were hit by a major power crisis on Thursday after power engineers at three major power plants in the Vidarbha region went on a strike.

The engineers have resorted to the strike after a worker died at the plant in an accident on Wednesday and two engineers, who were supervising the plant at that time, were arrested in this connection.

Entire Western Maharashtra has been reeling under a huge power shortage while Nagpur was the worst hit after the Koradi plant engineers resorted to strike on Thursday morning. The shutdown of this plant has led to a shortfall of more than 800 megawatt.

Later, plant engineers at Chandrapur and Khaparkheda also went on a 'tool down', worsening the crisis. As a result of the 'tool down', the Chandrapur and Khaparkheda are now set to shut down if the crisis is not solved within the next 4-5 hours.

In such an event, there may be a blackout in Mumbai as it will lead to a total shortfall of more than 4000 megawatts. Nearly half of Maharashtra's power is generated in the Vidarbha region.

The Maharashtra police have started a negotiation with the striking engineers, who have threatened to shut down more power plants and organise a state-wide strike unless the charges are dropped against their colleagues.