Jan 02, 2012 at 02:54pm IST

'Malegaon ka Superman' now available online

Mumbai: Catch Mollywood spoofs in March, with just a click. While Mollywood, or the Malegaon film industry, has been making spoofs of Bollywood blockbusters at a fraction of their price for years, and has received much media attention, very few people from urban centres have gotten access to these films. At most, people can view short clips of some of these films on popular websites like YouTube.

However, now short spoofs of popular Bollywood films will be made and put up online. The project, to be titled Malegaon Comedy Club Online, will be produced by well-known Bollywood film producer Sunil Bohra and directed by Shaikh Naseer, who made the hit 'Malegaon Ka Superman' earlier this year.

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According to Bohra, the spoofs will consist of over 200 gags and skits and will have a runtime of between five and seven minutes each. "The purpose of Malegaon Comedy Club Online is to provide instant laughs, online and on mobile phones. All the actors and technicians will hail from Malegaon," he sad.

'Malegaon ka Superman' now available online

Now catch Mollywood spoofs in March, with just a click.

Part of the proceeds of the portal will go to Shafiq Shaikh's family. Shaikh, who starred in 'Malegoan Ka Superman', died from cancer earlier this year. Bohra added, "My experience tells me, humour never fails to work. We have websites for politics and pornography, but where can one go for laughs?" The portal will become operational in March this year.

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