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Aug 02, 2012 at 06:49pm IST

Mamas calls press conference to clarify misinterpretations..

Though the movie 'Cinema Company' hasn't opened to great responses, it's attempt to present young star Prithviraj in bad light certainly did. The movie has an actor Nithin with uncanny resemblances with Prithviraj donning the role of superstar Rajeev Krishna. The character is presented just in the same manner as Prithvi was presented in his recent movie 'hero' . The attempt has brought a plenty of criticisms from every corner, even from those who liked the movie and its message.

Anyhow, director Mamas who had been with the movie for almost an year has come up with justifications about the portrayal. Mamas even called a press conference to clarify the position. Citing himself to be a close men of Prithviraj, Mamas says that he has no such intentions and will never do such a thing . Mamas argues that it is all misinterpreted by the fans of the star.

Anyhow, 'Cinema Company' is continuing with its not so good collections in the Box Office.

Mamas clarifies misinterpretation

Mamas called a press conference to clarify his position. Citing himself to be a close men of Prithviraj.