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Jul 11, 2007 at 09:57am IST

Man sells son to perform wife's last rites

Sahupur(Orissa): Sahupur’s villagers are facing extreme poverty so much so that the villagers find it hard to meet even their everyday needs.

One recent incident in the village brought to light the seriousness of the situation.

Ten days back, in Sahupur, Bipin Gagarai's pregnant wife Gurubari died after childbirth.

When Bipin realised he did not even have the money to perform her last rites, he sold his newborn.

"I had no money with me. I was totally helpless, so I told one of my friends that I wanted to sell my baby to pay for the expenses. He arranged a buyer, and I sold him my son for Rs 1200,” says Labourer, Bipin Gagarai.

The buyer was a labourer from the Ganjam district, who has now been hard to trace since this incident had come to light.

"I lost my beautiful daughter-in-law. If the government helps, I can at least get back my grandson,” says Bipin’s father, Rengeda Gagarai

The district collector has however, assured that the child will be found and returned to his father as soon as possible.

"I will talk to the buyer and give him Rs. 1200. The district red cross will give him the money,” says District Welfare Officer, Shivaji Bhuiyan.

Bipin already has a son and a daughter.

"It is already difficult to feed my two children. How will I take care of a third child?'' says Bipin.

While he surely misses his third child, Bipin is not sure if he wants him back.

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