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Feb 11, 2012 at 03:52pm IST

Falak case: Delhi Police arrest prime accused Rajkumar, 9 others

New Delhi: In a major breakthrough in the baby Falak case, the Delhi Police on Friday arrested the key accused, Rajkumar. The police managed to arrest the man while he was trying to flee the capital. Meanwhile, a woman named Pratima was also arrested. She was a part of the human trafficking racket that allegedly exploited the 14-year-old teenager who brought baby Falak to AIIMS in a battered and badly bruised condition on January 18.

Rajkumar's arrest is crucial, say police, as he was the only missing link in the case. The police have, however, said that he has no involvement in any sex racket.

The police also arrested eight others in connection with the case.

The police claimed it was probing a "baby trafficking" angle to the case, apart from prostitution and human trafficking.

Rajkumar abandoned baby Falak and left her with the 14-year-old teenager who brought her to AIIMS for treatment for severe head and body injuries. Falak had a fractured skull, bruises and human bite marks all over her tiny frame.

The teenager claimed to be her mother, which drew the suspicion of doctors. The girl has now been sent to a juvenile home.

The horrific case sent shock waves across the nation, with reactions pouring in from various corners demanding the arrest of those involved.

The case also highlighted the plight of the girl child in India. An abused and raped 14-year-old girl took her frustration out on a 2-year-old baby, when she found herself at a dead-end and having nowhere to go.

The girl had managed to escape from an abusive father, but soon found herself with another ma, Rajkumar, who sold her off to customers after raping her for three days.

The final victim in this horrific vicious circle of abuse and brutality happened to be 2-year-old Falak who is now battling for her life at the AIIMS Trauma Centre.

Although she showed signs of marginal improvement on Friday, with her chest infection having cleared, Falak was put back on ventilator on Saturday morning after developing breathing problems.

Her brain infection remains worrisome, say the doctors. On the whole, her condition remains stable.

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