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Jan 03, 2012 at 06:11pm IST

Pune: UK police meet Bidve family, second post-mortem conducted

Pune: The Manchester Police have claimed a breakthrough in the murder of 23-year-old student Anuj Bidve with the arrest of one British national. A team of Manchester Police officials on Tuesday met Bidve's family in Pune. They also discussed details of the family's travel to Manchester.

The family was briefed on the second post mortem that took place on Tuesday and also about the procedures involved in repatriating Bidve's body. Officilas are expecting to get possession of the body by around 7:30 pm. Manchester Police said they are trying to sent Bidve's body to India as soon as possible.

The Manchester Police officials who flew to Pune to meet Bidve's family on Monday may get in touch with the family again.

Anuj Bidve, a micro-electronics student at Lancaster University became on December 26, the latest victim of a hate crime in Greater Manchester.

Bidve was a part of a group of nine Indian students who were staying in a hotel in Manchester over Christmas, while heading towards the city center at around 1pm they were approached by two white men. Reports indicate one of them asked Bidve the time and when Bidve didn't reply one of the men, removed a handgun and shot him.

The Manchester Police have termed it a hate crime and have charged a 20-year-old Kiaran Stapleton with the murder of Bidve.