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Jul 21, 2012 at 05:13pm IST

Manesar plant won't be shifted: Maruti chairman

New Delhi: Calling the violence at its Manesar plant "shattering", Maruti Chairman RC Bhargava on Saturday said that the automobile manufacturer was doing its best to tackle the mess.

"What happened was a shattering incident. We are tackling the mess," he said at a press briefing.

Bhargava said that the company never imagined its own workers would indulge in violence. "There was no victimization of workers at the unit. Problems can be sorted out if there is goodwill at both sides. There should be communication from both sides. We have always been ready to communicate with the workers." Bhargava added that the communication lines with the workers were still intact.

The Maruti Chairman added that all the major issues at both the Manesar and Gurgaon factories had been resolved. "These issues stand no more." However, he said that negotiations on wages were ongoing. "The Union does not want quick settlement of the wage issue. They want to prolong it," he said.

When asked about its policy on non-contract workers, Bhargava said they were used in "non-valuable work" and would not be involved in production. The number of contract workers has been reduced, he added.

He further said that the company would not start production till "things were okay". "We cannot risk any more damage to both the management and the workers. That's why it is necessary to do the complete investigation by the Haryana Government to know who is behind the incident. We have to correct what went wrong so that such incidents are not repeated. We are not in a position to start production till the things are okay and there is no risk to the people.

"People are ready to go back to work but I cannot risk people's lives. The safety of my company comes first, not the production of cars."

When asked whether Maruti would disband the Union, he said, "We have not disbanded any union. We are not in a position to disband any union. This issue is not even under consideration at this point."

More importantly, Bhargava said that Maruti had no plans to shift the plant anywhere. "There is no possibility of removing the plant from Manesar. Such reports are absolutely fictitious."

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