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Jun 09, 2007 at 02:06pm IST

Maninder Singh 'slashes' wrists

New Delhi: Former cricketer Maninder Singh is in the hospital after he reportedly attempted suicide by slashing his wrists late Friday night. Singh was admitted to East Delhi’s Shanti Mukund Hospital where he is recuperating from the injuries.

"He has been kept under observation at the Intensive Care Unit. His vitals are being maintained and he is conscious,” Medical Superintendent, G S Mathur told CNN-IBN.

Maninder reportedly slashed his wrists with a broken windowpane after a quarrel with his wife. However, his wife, Milly, denied it. She said it was an accident.

“He was knocking the door while we were asleep. He came to the balcony, which has glass windows and while trying to wake us up, he accidentally crashed his hands into the broken glass and got hurt,” she told reporters.

Meanwhile Maninder's friends confirmed he was suffering from depression and was unhappy due to the marital discord with his wife.

“He was suffering from depression. Sometimes he used to get so anxious that he would end up crying,” said Sanjay Kandwal, Singh's friend.

“I got a call from his wife and daughter who said Maninder has accidentally fell on broken glass. They told me he has injured both his hands and wrists. One of the wrists nerves got badly severed. When I reached his house, I saw blood splattered on the floor and Maninder was lying unconscious on the sofa in his living room. I called the ambulance and took him to the hospital,” he added.

The left armed spinner who represented India in 35 Test matches and 59 one day internationals, was arrested on May 22nd near his Preet Vihar residence in New Delhi for alleged possession of around 1.5 grams of cocaine. Though he was released later on bail on May 23rd, the incident clearly left deep scars.

Clinical psychologist Bhavna Barmi said Maninder's alleged suicide attempt could have been caused by depression.

“Generally there is a trend in the society what we call as stress syndrome. When frustrations level gets very high, expectations go beyond what one has achieved for himself, then there are negative copings that am individual tries to take."

"In Maninder’s case, probably the interpersonal disharmony in life let him into negative coping strategy which was seen in the form of drugs, depression, suicidal ideas and negative thought process,” she told CNN-IBN.