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Sep 27, 2013 at 07:19pm IST

Manmohan Singh should quit after Rahul's remark, says his ex-advisor

New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's former-advisor Sanjaya Baru has said that he should resign after Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi openly opposed the ordinance on convicted legislators on Friday, saying it was a 'complete nonsense.

"He should quit today. It was a decision taken, right or wrong, presumably by the Congress party and now you can't say it's nonsense. You can't pretend to be a great hero at the cost of dignity of your Prime Minister."

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Rahul Gandhi opposed the ordinance saying it was a complete nonsense and should be torn and thrown away. He said, "All parties do this because of political considerations and we must stop making political compromises."

The remarks came as an embarrassment for the party as the Union Cabinet had passed the ordinance on Tuesday over-ruling Supreme Court's judgement. Rahul's statement is surprising considering the government could not have cleared the ordinance without consulting the party which is headed by himself and his mother Sonia Gandhi.

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Taking a dig at the way Rahul used the language against the ordinance, Baru said, "It is height of insubordinance, the comment from the Vice President of the party to which the Prime Minster belongs, you cant be rebel and a potential at the same time."

"The intemperate manner in which this was criticised to say it is 'nonsense' and this should be 'torn-up and thrown-up in the air'. This kind of intemperate criticism is shocking," he said.

He added, "Dr Manmohan Singh is such a gentleman. He has never lost his temper. His party has put so much pressure on him to do all kinds of things which he never wanted to do."

He said that the principle of Congress has been to duck all the credits and shift the blame to Prime Minister. "The principle of this government is that all credits will go to the party leadership and all blame for anything will go to the Prime Minister that has been the principle on which this government has been run for more than 9 years."