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Jul 18, 2007 at 05:14pm IST

March 12,1993: The day that changed Mumbai forever

New Delhi: March 12,1993 was a perfectly planned conspiracy. Brand new vehicles with unidentified number plates and bombs loaded with RDX -- timed to precision to hit Mumbai where it hurt most -- killed 257 people and injured over 700. Here is a timeline of terror as the bombs ripped through some of the most famous landmarks of India's financial capital.

Blast One, 1330 hrs IST -- The Bombay Stock Exchange

84 dead, 217 injured

It was just another busy day on Dalal street till 1330 hrs n the afternoon, when the first bomb went off. The explosion took place in the underground car park of Jeejeebhoy towers. Eighty-four people died, over 200 were injured.

Blast Two, 1415 hrs IST -- Narsi Natha Street

5 dead, 16 injured

The second bomb went off at a quarter past two at Narsi Natha Street, in the middle of a wholesale grain and spice market. Five people were killed, 16 injured.

Blast Three, 1430 hrs IST -- Shiv Sena Bhavan

4 dead, 50 injured

Lucky Petrol Pump, near the Shiv Sena Bhawan at Shivaji Park, was the target of the third attack. Five people died and over 50 were injured.

Blast Four, 1433 hrs IST -- Air India Building

20 dead, 87 injured

Three minutes later, a fourth bomb ripped through the facade of the Air India building at Nariman Point. The bomb was placed in a white ambassador parked outside the building. Twenty people died and more than 85 were injured.

Blast Five, 1445 hrs IST -- Mahim Causeway

3 dead, 6 injured

A mere 12 minutes later, a bomb rocked the Mahim Causeway killing three more innocent people.

Blast Six, 1445 hrs IST -- Century Bazaar

113 dead, 227 injured

At exactly the same time as the Mahim bomb, a bomb went off at the Century Bazaar. This blast was unlike anything India had ever witnessed. It was a single bomb that left a huge crater in the tarmac, killing 113 people and injuring 227 others. The bomb was planted under a man-hole, and detonated when a BEST bus drove over it.

Blast Seven, 1505 hrs IST -- Zaveri Bazar

17 dead, 57 injured

The seventh blast took place twenty minutes later, in another crowded marketplace, the Zaveri Bazaar. Hidden in a scooter, it killed 17 and injured 57 people.

Blast Eight, 1510 hrs IST -- Sea Rock Hotel, Bandra

No Casualties

This was the only place where a bomb was planted, but where there were no causalties. A suitcase loaded with RDX exploded in a room at Bandra's Sea Rock Hotel. However, the hotel was partially destroyed.

Blast Nine, 1513 hrs IST -- Plaza Cinema

10 dead, 37 injured

Three minutes later a bomb exploded outside the Plaza cinema hall leaving 10 more dead and injuring 37 people.

Blast Ten, 1520 hrs IST -- Juhu Centaur Hotel

3 injured

Seven minutes later, a blast rocked the Juhu Centaur Hotel. The bomb was planted in one of the many new vehicles bought for the attacks. No one died.

Blast Eleven, 1530 hrs IST -- Sahar Airport

No Casualties

The eleventh target was Mumbai's Sahar airport. No bomb was here. Instead, a grenade was lobbed into the airport. No one was hurt.

Blast Twelve, 1540 hrs IST -- Airport Centaur Hotel

2 dead, 8 injured

The final bomb exploded at the Airport's Centaur Hotel at 1540 hrs. Two people died, eight were injured.

130 minutes, 12 blasts, 257 dead, over 700 injured -- March 12, 1993 changed Mumbai forever.

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