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Apr 05, 2010 at 10:05am IST

Marry an Indian: Sena tells Sania

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena has done it again, this time targeting tennis star Sania Mirza for marrying a Pakistani.

The party mouth piece Saamna says Sania should marry an Indian if she wishes to play for India. The Sena further says she is no longer an Indian; had she been truly Indian at heart she would not have chosen a Pakistani''.

Tennis star Sania Mirza is all set to marry Pakistan former skipper Shoaib Malik next month.

Sena objects to Sania's marriage, says in its mouth piece, Saamna that she should marry an Indian in order to retain nationality & represent India.

"After marriage she will be going to her in-laws, how will she then play for India? It's being irreverent to this country and its laws" said Sena.

"After marriage Sania will become a Pakistani citizen. How can she have Pakistani citizenship and play for India? Has this country become a tennis ball to Sania that she plays with it however she pleases?," said Sena.

Sena further said that in any case chief of Pakistan Tennis Federation Dilawar Abbas has welcomed you (Sania). He has already expressed his desire to see you play for Pakistan, but if you are so keen to play for India, you ought to have chosen an Indian instead of a Pakistani as your life partner.

"Morally she (Sania) has no right to get into this wedlock in the cost or expense of another individual. On one hand, Sania Mirza stands for 'Save the Girl Child' campaign and on the another hand she is showing absolutely no respect, no care , no attitude for another girl, women or lady of this country" said Shiv Sena legal head Rahul Narvekar.

"Is Sania Mirza's achievement in isolation of the nation? If nation has supported her , it is her duty to have sentiments, values and emotions for the people of this country" added Narvekar.

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