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Dec 10, 2010 at 07:47pm IST

Masand: 'Rakht Charitra 2' lacks drama

Cast: Vivek Oberoi, Surya

Director: Ramgopal Varma

Ramgopal Varma’s 'Rakht Charitra 2' arrives just weeks after the first film, a blood-soaked vendetta saga about the rise and rise of gangster-turned-politician Pratap Ravi (played by Vivek Oberoi), a character famously inspired by Andhra icon Paritala Ravi.

The new film, which opens with a roughly 25 minute recap of the earlier story, puts the spotlight on his sworn enemy Surya (played by Tamil star Surya), who plots revenge on Ravi for the cold-blooded murder of his family.

Unlike the earlier film, which had some plot to speak of, 'Rakht Charitra 2' is an unabashed orgy of gory action. Some scenes, however, are thrillingly filmed, like that sequence in a courthouse where a hired killer, dressed as an old woman, attacks Surya. But for the most part this film seriously lacks any real sense of drama, and to make up for that, director Ramgopal Varma once again relies on those crazy camera angles and his trademark booming background score.

Vivek Oberoi – who made his presence felt in the previous film, despite a standout performance by Abhimanyu Singh as the twisted Bukka Reddy – gets step-son treatment in this second installment. 'Rakht Charitra 2' belongs to Surya, and is watchable only for the sheer presence of the Southern star, and for the intensity he brings to his part.

The film pits both men against each other, and illustrates how they may have more in common than either would like to believe. It’s an interesting point, and one that’s made in the film’s final scene, almost as a cliffhanger for a third film. But that would be too much to endure. Ramgopal Varma, are you listening..?

I’m going with two out of five for 'Rakht Charitra 2'. More blood and more killings leave you numb your seat.

Rating: 2 / 5

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