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Jun 17, 2007 at 05:45pm IST

Fool N Final, an asinine comedy

Cast: Sunny Deol, Shahid Kapur, Viveik Oberoi, Ayesha Takia, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever, Sameera Reddy

Direction: Ahmed Khan

If you have an appetite for asinine comedies then this week's new Bollywood release Fool N Final may just be your thing. However, I have my doubts that anyone with a fully functional brain can actually describe this travesty of a film as entertainment.

Directed by Ahmed Khan or should I say misdirected? Fool N Final is essentially a comic-heist film – if that makes any sense to you. Basically it's about a big, fat diamond that a whole bunch of bad guys and underworld dons are trying to lay their hands on.

It's also about how our protagonists – Sunny Deol, Shahid Kapur, Viveik Oberoi, Ayesha Takia, Paresh Rawal, Johnny Lever and Sameera Reddy – who get inadvertently involved in this heist operation.

There is little else I can say about the plot of this film because in all honesty very little of it made any sense to me. There are about a half-dozen subplots running simultaneously through the film and there are new characters being introduced in the film every five minutes or so. I think you'll understand now why about 15 minutes into the film, I just completely lost track of what was going on.

Films like Fool N Final are the perfect example of exactly what's wrong with Hindi cinema today. While on the one hand we celebrate the new direction we're going in with films like Omkara, Dor, Khosla Ka Ghosla, Black Friday and Metro, on the other hand we continue to make senseless films like this which are badly scripted, poorly enacted and carelessly directed.

Believe me, it's easier to solve a Rubik’s cube than it is to understand what exactly is going on in this film. If you ask me to be entirely honest, I think it's just a bunch of songs and action scenes that are strung together and passed off as a film.

What's more, none of the songs are shot spectacularly, and none of the action scenes blow your mind either. That ridiculous stunt involving Shahid Kapur cycling down a cloth banner appears staged and fake to say the least, and that scene in which Viveik Oberoi must pin down an excited chicken is easily one of the most juvenile and stupid things you've seen in months.

Then you're expected to laugh at the one-liners between Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever, but you know, Paresh Rawal has done all of this before and he's done it better, so this time round it just seems like an overdose.

Fool N Final is about two hours and 20 minutes long, but when you leave the cinema after watching the film, it feels like you've been trapped in there for what seems like a lifetime. I cannot understand why any of the actors in this film would agree to be a part of it.

You know, actors are always saying they don't do films for the money, they only pick films based on the script. I want to ask Sunny Deol, Viveik Oberoi, Shahid Kapoor and Sharmila Tagore whether it was really the script of this film that made them sign on to the project.

As far as the direction goes, I don't know how much one can blame Ahmed Khan – it's evident he has no command over the script and it's fairly clear he has no distinct shooting style either. But I'm wondering whether a director was really needed for this film at all.

It's the producer who commissioned the script, it's the producer who hired the actors, and it's the producer who facilitated the shoot. He might as well have directed the film himself.

Can you blame me for going with zero out of five and two thumbs down for Fool N Final? It's one of the most foolish films you'll see this year and that's my final word on it. Expect it to feature prominently on the list of worst films this year, sharing space with other gems like Shakalaka Boom Boom and Good Boy Bad Boy.

Rating: 0 / 5 (Such Trash!)