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Sep 15, 2013 at 11:50am IST

Masuri fears communal tension after riots in Muzaffarnagar

Ghaziabad: The images of carnage from the communal disturbances that had rocked the sleepy village of Masuri village in Ghaziabad have still not faded away from the memory the residents one year after the incident took place on September 14 2012.

The district still continues to remain on the edge as ammunition sales have gone up post the Muzzaffarnagar riots. People feel that the vote bank politics can further damage the fragile peace in the area.

The grandfather of one of the victims who was shot dead in the violence said that even a year later, the police is yet to register an FIR against the police officials who allegedly killed his grandson.

"My grandson was coming back from the bus station.They shot him in the head," the grandfather said.

An year ago a huge mob had converged at the Masuri police station to protest against inaction by the police after a Quran was allegedly found desecrated. Gunshots had been fired at the police and dozens of vehicles had been torched. The crossfire by the police had claimed 6 lives.

The man who brought the Quran to the police has been conspicuously missing raising doubts of whether there were some facts about the incident that have been hidden.

According to the local community leaders, most of those involved in the arson were outsiders and had come with the intention to disturb the peace of the area. "None of the local people were involved. All of them were outsiders who wanted to create disturbance," local leader Arif Raza said.

After the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, tensions have risen in Ghaziabad. The local government officials have banned public demonstrations in the area. However the police accepted that the sale of arms have gone up alarmingly after the riots.

"There has been a rise in the sale of ammunitions. We are keeping a check on how many bullets have been sold from which shop and whether they have been sold to license holders," SSP Dharmendra Singh said.

There are suspicions that efforts are being made to incite tensions yet again with a local Bajrang Dal leader openly advocating the stocking up of arms in the area. Also Sadhvi Prachi, whose hate speech allegedly fanned the violence in Muzaffarnagar, is now camping in Ghaziabad.