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Jan 04, 2013 at 02:47pm IST

Math wizard Manjul Bhargava becomes youngest person to win Infosys Award in 2012

New Delhi: The youngest person to win Infosys Prize for Mathematical Sciences for 2012 is a mathematics wizard Dr Manjul Bhargava. While many fear mathematics, Dr Bhargava came up with a mathematical formula at a mere age of eight.

For the 38-year-old Dr Bhargava, mathematics is present everywhere, even in music and art. "In school, mathematics is often grouped with science but for a mathematician, maths is like music, poetry, like painting is creative art," Dr Bhargava, an accomplished tabla player, said.

For Dr Bhargava, it all started with oranges, when at the age of eight he came up with a mathematical formula, while making pyramids of oranges. "I used to make various stack of oranges, so I wanted to understand how many oranges you need to make a pyramid. It is amazing that the formula that I used when I was eight-years-old is still useful for me today," the second youngest professor in the history of Princeton University said.

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