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Dec 12, 2012 at 03:47pm IST

Maya lashes out at Hamid Ansari, accuses him of remaining absent from Rajya Sabha

New Delhi: There were noisy scenes in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday. The Upper House suffered an adjournment after BSP supremo Mayawati lashed out at Chairman Hamid Ansari.

The BSP supremo rushed to the Well of the House demanding that Ansari makes the government's stand clear on the quota bill. She also slammed Ansari accusing him of leaving the House daily by 12 noon and missing in action during the Question Hour. She also accused Ansari of avoiding clearing the government's stand on the quota bill.

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"I am not ready to listen to anything. We have seen in the last few days that every day the House is not allowed to function after 12 noon. It is your responsibility to ensure that it functions. Who will ensure that it functions," she told the Chair from the Well as also from her seat. "You are not seen here after 12 noon... What kind of House is this? You have to take decision that what has to be done for this (ensuring the functioning of the House)," the BSP chief said.

Mayawati's remarks left the House stunned. The Chairman told her that she was a senior leader and should allow the House to function. He said it was the responsibility of everyone to let the House function. But, BSP members were unrelenting.

This comes a day after Ansari lost his cool with the disgruntled Opposition MPs. On Tuesdar, after exhorting BJP MPs to sit down and let Question Hour proceed, a visibly furious Ansari got up and said that it would be pertinent to dispense with the Question Hour altogether or have it at another time of the day.

An irritated Ansari got up and left after speaking, leaving the Rajya Sabha stunned in his wake. This came as the Opposition MPs demanded an inquiry into the Walmart lobbying report and disrupted the House.

(With additional information from PTI)

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