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Jun 07, 2007 at 08:20pm IST

McEnroe gets tennis's top honour

New Delhi: He's kept critics of the game alive during his years on the court, and his brashness too had admirers. Now John McEnroe is remembered for all that he gave the game.

He coloured the black and white times of the sport with his brand of tennis. Seventeen Grand Slam titles under his belt, John Mcenroe's life on the courts has been well documented. And at 48, the American received one of the game's most hallowed honours, the International Tennis Federation's Philippe Chatrier Award.

"This is incredible, it is really incredible to be standing here. This is the Federation that I believe was trying to throw me out of the game in the 80's," McEnroe reacts to the honour.

AFTER YEARS OF SNUB: At 48, McEnroe received one of the game's most hallowed honours.

But one man who could share this podium with McEnroe in the years to come is this man - with 10 Grand Slam wins against his name - Roger Federer is well on his way to giving McEnroe a tough fight.

"I grew up idolising Rod Laver and I didn't think it would ever be anyone that possibly could be as good as this guy from Australia and I think I may have find someone in Roger Federer. I watch him playing for the last 6-7 years and he really is a great," says McEnroe.

And there was more.

"He acts a lot like me on court, doesn't he? It's incredible," he adds.

Many may not really agree with that one though.

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