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Oct 28, 2011 at 02:35pm IST

Medha calls for 'overhauling' of Team Anna

New Delhi: Another Team Anna member Medha Patkar said there was a need for "overhauling" the group as it was facing a number of allegations and many members of the Core Committee were being targeted, but denied any rift within.

At the same, Patkar said she would not be attending the Core Committee meeting on Saturday, which Hazare and Justice Santosh Hegde have also decided to skip.

"I don't think there is a difference of opinion. The only thing is a bit of overhauling is certainly becoming necessary because there are a number of allegations and Core Committee members are being targeted," she said.

Medha calls for 'overhauling' of Team Anna

Patkar said she would not be attending the Core Committee meeting of Team Anna on Saturday.

She said the meeting of the Committee would be in a better position to take a decision on the overhauling.

Her remarks came as another Team Anna member Kumar Vishwas shot off a letter to Hazare on the eve of Core Committee meeting, seeking its expansion to make it more representative against the backdrop of Congress leaders targeting it.

He said the leaders of the ruling party were targeting Hazare and each member of the Core Committee and trying to tarnish their public image and credibility.

Patkar, a prominent member of the Core Committee, said all its members were with the movement.

"The movement does not mean only Core Committee," she asserted.

Asked about Justice Santosh Hegde's remarks on allegations faced by Team Anna members that "it's a nice churning and 'manthan' is going on", Patkar said he was not giving any opinion against the Committee or the movement.

"He has the right to give his own frank opinion whether it is with respect to any allegation or otherwise," she said.