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Apr 01, 2013 at 08:02pm IST

Medical negligence: Top Chennai neurosurgeon offers help for Shailaja

Bangalore/Chennai: After CNN-IBN highlighted the plight of 38-year-old Shailaja incapacitated after a surgery in Bangalore's Mallige Medical Centre, help is pouring in for the family. A neurosurgeon from Chennai has come forward and offered treatment that might help Shailaja regain partial movement.

Dr Ramnarayan, a neurosurgeon with Apollo Hospitals, said, "I was feeling very bad that a young woman had been hurt. Especially a young woman with two children. Nowadays, we know how difficult it is to take care of children even if there is family at home. So I know that their household is in a really bad shape."

He said that the medical procedure would involve administering medicine directly to Shailaja's spinal cord. This will help her stand up and even move about within the house. He said, "There are three medicines which are very helpful. We will have to take a chance. And if it works, it would be a great thing for this family."

Shailaja has been lying in a near vegetative state for over three years after she was operated for a prolapsed disc immediately but developed ventricular tachycardia or rapid heartbeat in the recovery phase of anesthesia. Shailaja never recovered after the surgery and now she can't move, eat or speak to anyone.

Shailaja's husband Muniraju said that he trusted the hospital authorities with the surgery despite the fact that Shailaja never having complained of back pain earlier. After the incident, he filed an FIR with the police that compelled hospital authorities to own up responsibility for his wife's treatment.

But the hospital forcibly discharged her and shifted her to MS Ramaiah Hospital without asking the family for permission. Eventually, MS Ramaiah Hospital asked them to vacate the hospital and Muniraja was forced to bring his wife home.'

Mallige Medical Centre has now been directed by the government to come up with a relief plan for Shailaja. Her family is also happy at the offer of help from Dr Ramnarayan. Ramchandra, her brother-in-law, was quoted as saying, "We welcome the offer and are definitely looking forward to the help. This is very good news for us."

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