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Apr 05, 2013 at 06:03pm IST

Medical seats for sale: CD of sting operation submitted to MCI

New Delhi: CNN-IBN on Friday submitted a CD containing the sting operation on how medical colleges in three states are selling post-graduate seats for crores of rupees to the Medical Council of India (MCI). India's top doctors have demanded the government steps in and acts immediately to check the shocking contempt of law displayed by administrators of some private medical and dental colleges.

Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad had taken note of the investigation and had urged the MCI to take action. This came after a CNN-IBN sting operation exposed how PG medical college seats are on sale with some being sold for as much as Rs 3 crore, even before the results of the All India Common Entrance Test are declared.

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For the last three years CNN-IBN has been airing stories of corruption in the MCI and DCI, but the result has just been token decisions by the government. CNN-IBN has also been showing how medical education regulators have been approving sub-standard medical and dental colleges and allowing them to flourish. The apathy, however, is leading to production of dummy doctors in the country.

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