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Aug 05, 2008 at 07:53pm IST

Mehta abortion case: Hosp made clerical error

New Delhi: There has been a new twist in the Mehta abortion case. The JJ Hospital in Mumbai, which first told the Mehtas that their baby had a congenital heart disease, has said that there might have been a "clerical error" in the report which caused the debate in the first place.

The dean of J J Hospital, Dr B M Subnis, has admitted that it was a typographical error by his stenographer that caused the confusion.

In its first report, the hospital had said that there "are very fair chances" that Niketa Mehta's child would be born incapacitated and handicapped. They meant to say there "there are very few chances" according to Dr Subnis.

However, on Monday, in its second report, the hospital changed the word "fair" with "least" and said there are "very least chances" of the child being born handicapped, to avoid any confusion.

The Bombay High Court had on Monday refused to allow Nikita Mehta to abort her 26-week-old foetus following this report.

Meanwhile ,the CEO of Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai, Colonel M Masand, has offered free medical treatment once the baby is born.

"We will pay for the pacemaker and not charge them even for the surgery. They would not have to bear any financial burden."

The Twists and Turns

  • Bombay HC refuses to allow Niketa Mehta to abort after 26 weeks
  • Court says no medical evidence to support plea
  • New hospital report says child won't be handicapped
  • Case sparks off nationwide debate

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