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Jul 27, 2007 at 10:39pm IST

Memon turns violent on hearing death sentence

Mumbai: The 1993 Bombay Blasts case is finally reaching its conclusive end. The first family of this catastrophe—the Memons were sentenced on Friday by the TADA court.

"The court has sentenced the four Memons. Three have been sentenced to life imprisonment and one of the prime accused Yakub Memon has been sentenced to death," Public Prosecutor Ujwal Nikam said.

But before Judge PD Kode pronounced the sentence, high drama unfolded in the courtroom.

Yakub Memon came to the court in a white shirt and light blue jeans and sat calmly with his head bent until judge Kode pronounced the death sentence for him.

As the verdict was read out, he stood up and screamed, "Oh my Lord…. Forgive this man for he knows not what he does."

His brother Essa hugged him. As Yakub thumped his feet, and turned wild, both his brothers had to calm him. While Yakub got the death penalty, his brothers Essa and Yusuf who had cited medical problems received life sentences.

Tiger Memon's sister-in-law Rubina was awarded a life term. The court said it was considerate to Rubina as she is a woman.

Of the 100 convicted persons, the court has now accorded the death sentence to 12 accused. While the 20 others have to spend the rest of their lives in custody. But what happens to the other 4 accused including actor Sanjay Dutt?

"Only the group that includes Sanjay Dutt is left and the court has said Sanjay Dutt's group will come for sentencing on the July 31,” said Nikam.

So while the Memon's prepare to spend the rest of their lives behind bars Sanjay Dutt and his associates will have to spend a few more anxious moments to know their fate.

Charges against Yakub

Yakub, who had fled to Dubai a day before the bombings, along with the rest of family, returned to India and surrendered to the CBI on the July 28, 1994.

But why did he return? In his own words, "I returned to India to help the investigating authorities and to clear the stigma forced on my family for the wrong doing of a few family members (Tiger and Ayub Memon), of being perpetrators."

  • But the CBI and then the court found him guilty of distributing funds arranged by his absconding brother and co-accused Ayub Memon to achieve objectives of the conspiracy.
  • As a travel agent he had also arranged for the travel, lodging and boarding for the men who were sent for terror training to Pakistan.
  • Yakub also collected and handed over 85 hand-grenades from one of the co-accused to the other.

Charges against Essa, Yusuf and Rubeena

  • Both Essa and Yusuf have been found guilty for allowing their flat and garage in Al-Hussaini building, to be used for terrorist activities.
  • Rubeena was found guilty for allowing her Maruti van to be used for terrorist activities. It was the first piece of evidence in the case.
  • While Essa has already spent about 12 years in prison, Yusuf is a schizophrenic and has spent over five years in jail.

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