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Jun 16, 2013 at 10:54am IST

Mercedes may quit Formula One following 'tyregate' tribunal

German Formula One team Mercedes may decide to call off their participation in F1 following the outcome of their 'tyregate' case tribunal on Thursday, June 20.

According to The Sun, the case hearing is all set to take place at the FIA headquarters in Paris, and in case Mercedes are not happy with the outcome of the result, chances are the team may quit F1.

Sources suggest that in case the result doesn't turn out in Mercedes' favour, it may damage the team's image which might just make them reconsider their involvement in F1.

Mercedes may quit F1 following 'tyregate' tribunal

Chances are that Mercedes may quit Formula One following the outcome of their 'tyregate' tribunal on Thursday.

It has also been reported if Mercedes are found guilty, there are under the danger of being hit with a severe fine, deduction in points nor even an elimination from the championship.

Mercedes and tyre supplier Pirelli have come under the radar ever since it was disclosed that the team had been availing the services of Pirelli during a Grand Prix event.