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May 27, 2010 at 09:42am IST

15 deer die in Gwalior, animals get coolers

Bhopal: The heat wave is taking its toll on animals. In Gwalior 15 deer have died at the Central zoo.

As temperatures hover near 50, authorities across Madhya Pradesh are doing all they can to protect the animals. The summer sun is beating down on the central plains relentlessly, and Sagar, the Himalayan sloth bear, is finding it hard to bear.

Sagar has been an inmate of the Vanvihar National Park in Bhopal. The zoo authorities have installed a cooler in his cage. Sagar rarely strays afar these days. His diet too is all about beating the heat.

Taj, the caretaker, says: "We give him water melon and musk melon along with other fruits in the evening. We give him four liters of porridge and one liter milk."

It's not just Sagar. Kamli, an albino bear, panthers Durga and Katrina and 17 others animals have been provided with similar facilities. Vanvihar authorities have also set up green canopies outside the enclosures to keep away the harsh sunlight.

KK Khare, Deputy Director of Van Vihar, said: "We have ensured that electoral and ORS combination is put in their drinking water so that there is no risk of dehydration."

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