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Dec 08, 2011 at 06:04pm IST

Microsoft Hyderabad reaches out to less privileged

Hyderabad: Microsoft employees at the Hyderabad campus on Thursday completed their 11th annual Giving Campaign, during which they partner with NGOs to address social causes and help the less privileged. The finale celebrations included entertainment put up by employees along with performances by children from NGOs and a karaoke on some hit Hindi film numbers by the leadership teams.

During the month-long initiative, being conducted in Hyderabad since 2000, employees partner with NGOs to participate in various activities aimed at addressing diverse social causes and improving the lives of the less privileged. Giving Campaign is a dedicated time to raise awareness and generate contributions for non-profit organizations. Microsoft matches employee contributions up to a fixed amount per employee and distributes amongst all recipient organizations, said a company statement

Giving Campaign 2011, which started on Nor 8, gave 3,000 employees the opportunity to partner with several NGOs and contribute towards causes they believe in. NGOs were invited on campus to raise awareness about their activities and garner support from employees. Over the last one month, employees not only made significant monetary contributions but also spent time with the less privileged to understand their needs, and bring joy and hope to them.

Microsoft reaches out to less privileged

Microsoft employees at the Hyderabad campus on Thursday completed their 11th annual Giving Campaign.

The highlights of the campaign included teaching computer skills to teachers, celebrating children's day, mentoring the girl child and spending a day with visually impaired kids. "The tradition of giving is a way of life for Microsoft employees and it is their commitment and passion that drives this event year on year," said Srinivas Prasad, HR Director.