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Feb 04, 2013 at 12:05pm IST

Ministry of Railways seeks additional budgetary support after diesel price hike

New Delhi: The Ministry of Railways has sought additional funding from the Centre after the recent diesel price hike. Minister of Railways Pawan Bansal on Saturday said, "Rs 6600 crore is enough for operational work only. We have insufficient funds for other maintenance work. If we need to hire more trains, maintenance of existing trains, electrifications etc, we need more."

Bansal added, "Rs 3300 crore will be paid for diesel only due to the recent diesel price hike."

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The Ministry of Railways had received Rs 24,000 crore from the Finance Ministry as support in the current fiscal. In January 2013, the fares were hiked 20 per cent and it was also claimed that there will not be further hikes in Rail Budget, which will be presented on February 26.

However, the recent diesel price hike has forced the Ministry to seek funds again.