Feb 28, 2012 at 09:55am IST

Miracle draws huge crowd to Manarcad Church

KOTTAYAM: The news about the occasional flow of scented oil from a granite cross is drawing large number of faithful to St Mary’s Church, Manarcad.
In the wake of the development, the church management has called the police to keep the anti-socials at bay.
The unprecedented phenomenon has been attracting a large number of people to the church since Sunday morning. Interestingly, many people from other communities are also queuing up to witness it, sources in the church said. The event was noticed after a three-day retreat conducted by a priest on Saturday night.
The scene at the church reminds that of the Ettunombu held in September when thousands visit the place. During Ettunombu, arrangements, including measures to ensure law and order are in  place and there is little scope for anti-socials to create problems, the sources said. This situation is unprecedented and it is quite natural for the people to rush to the church to witness the rare event, the sources said. This has caused huge congregation making it difficult to control the crowd. The oil is coming out of the holy cross occasionally.
The church is collecting the oil and keeping it in its custody, the sources said. The church has organised prayers in the wake of the development.