Apr 30, 2007 at 10:23pm IST

TN CM guns for Vaiko over LTTE

Chennai: As Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi tries to prove that he's no longer soft on the LTTE, the man in trouble could be his arch rival, General Secretary, MDMK, Vaiko Gopalswamy.

The state has said that it will consult the Centre on taking action against LTTE sympathisers like Vaiko.

“In the island of Sri Lanka the Tamils have been subject to genocide and the younger generations has taken up armed struggle. We have been supporting the cause of Tamil Eelam consistently. I have expressed the same thing to the Prime Minister,” Vaiko said reiterating his ideological support to the LTTE.

This is something that kept him in jail for 19 months when Jayalalithaa arrested him under POTA in 2002. Now Amma is his ally but his new enemy is the man who supported him in 2002 – Karunanidhi.

The Tamil Nadu CM says he's consulting the Centre on taking action against Vaiko and other LTTE sympathisers

“We will seek the opinion of the Centre and based on that we will take action on this issue,” says Karunanidhi.

Often accused of being soft on the LTTE, the DMK chief in his new avtaar as Sonia Gandhi's ally has been cautiously projecting a different image.

In the past week the state police have revealed that it was the LTTE's sea tigers who killed fishermen off the Kanyakumari coast, a revelation perhaps of the change of heart at the top, a change that could get Vaiko into trouble all over again.

Karunanidhi has now put the onus on the Centre to decide on action against Vaiko. In 2002 Vaiko was a strong NDA ally and had the subtle support of the Centre, but now Vaiko's only openly declared ally is Jayalalithaa and even she may not be too keen to get involved in Vaiko's support for the LTTE.