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Feb 20, 2008 at 04:53pm IST

Monserrate arrested for attempted murder

Panaji: Former Goa minister and MLA Babush Monserrate has been arrested for attempted murder after his supporters attacked a police station on Tuesday night.

The angry supporters of Taleigao MLA Babush Monserrate stormed the Panjim police station late on Tuesday night after Monserrate was seen arguing with police officers and instigating the crowd.

“If police does not arrest the person in the given deadline, we will take law into our hands and enter the police station,” says MLA, Taleigao, Babush Monserrate.

Trouble began on Tuesday evening when man from Taleigao assaulted a Babush Monserrate supporter.

The MLA and city mayor Tony Rodrigues led a big march to the police station to demand an immediate arrest of the accused.

However, it culminated in clashes between the mob and the police and 32 policemen were injured and at least three vehicles torched.

In retaliation, angry policemen ransacked Monserrate’s home and even destroyed his car. The MLA and his wife were later arrested. Monserrate has been charged for attempted murder and conspiracy.

The BJP was quick to react.

“I am giving my full support to the government and police department in whatsoever step they take to maintain law and order situation,” says MLA, Panjim, Manohar Parrikar.

Monserrate was later admitted to the Goa Medical College. The Goa government has promised strict action.

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