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Aug 22, 2007 at 11:30pm IST

MMS clips are about money as well as sex

Hyderabad: A steamy MMS has been jamming the mobile networks in Andhra Pradesh. Engineering students of a Hyderabad college were unknowingly filmed in the act and it's not the first time such an incident has been reported.

However, this isn't just about voyeurism, it's about money.

Here is how the system works:

* The Hyderabad College MMS may soon get posted on websites.

* Every time someone logs on, the unknown owner makes a few cents.

* Visitors are then directed to sites such as rapidshare or yourfilehost, which offer free downloads, but again make money from hits.

* More enterprising visitors, like porn peddlers, download a series of small MMS clips and weave it into a CD.

* The master CD is sold for a few thousands, depending on the content.

* Thousands of copies are then sold at about Rs 100 each.

The police say they are aware but helpless in checking this trend. Says SP Cyber Crime, Hyderabad, Shivananda Reddy, "It's difficult to do much when it comes to mobile phones."

However, cyber law experts say while such cases are difficult to solve, it's not exactly impossible.

With the help of mobile companies and websites where the clip may surface, it is possible to pin down the culprits through a mobile number or an IP address.

Technology such as mobile phones and MMS clips is so easily accessible, it's a little wonder that pornography is becoming so rampant.

Unless the cyber crime laws are made stringent and individuals exercise restraint, none of us are really safe.