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May 17, 2012 at 10:38am IST

Mobiles making Britons lose their manners

London: Britons seem to be doing away with their traditional good manners, as a survey has found two out of three people in Britain wouldn't mind answering a call on their cellphone despite being on a dinner date.

According to a poll, carried out by mobile phone firm Recombu, once revered for our good manners, Britain has become more 'Rude Britannia' since the introduction of smartphones. Almost two third of people - 63 per cent - admitted leaving their iPhone or BlackBerry on the table while being out for dinner, Daily Mail reported.

As high as 68 per cent would take a call on a dinner date, even if they knew it was not important or work-related, the study found.

Mobiles making Britons lose their manners

The research suggested that Britons cannot live being separated from their smartphones.

The research also suggested that Britons cannot live being separated from their smartphones, with more than a third admitting they would struggle to live without their mobiles.

Around a third - 35 per cent - said they couldn't live without their television, 23 per cent without their laptop, three percent would be at a loss if they did not have their iPod, and two percent would struggle without their tablet.

More than half - 59 per cent - keep their phones on at all times, 16 per cent continuously walking around with their mobile in their hands, one in seven of the 1,000 people polled even take their phone to the toilet.