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Jun 20, 2007 at 02:29am IST

Modi flays Centre on Afzal issue

New Delhi: After the much-touted verbal attacks that Balasaheb made on President APJ Abdul Kalam on the Afzal issue, it was the turn of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to do some tongue-lashing.

Modi, who was on his visit to Jalandhar on Sunday, condemned the Manmohan Singh Government at the Centre for delaying the execution of Parliament attack case convict Afzal.

Terming the delay in execution as "unjustified", Modi said that the then Congress-led Government had disposed of mercy petition from General Vaidhya's assassin summarily in two hours but it had been keeping the petition from Afzal pending for past three months.

LASHING OUT: After Balasaheb, it was the turn of Narendra Modi to do some tongue-lashing on the Afzal issue.

PTI quoted Modi as saying, ''Will the Government want to convey that the murderers will also be differentiated and discriminated.'' He alleged that Congress was acting with its vote bank approach in every matter which is deplorable.

Modi also described Dr Manmohan Singh as ''Proxy Prime Minister''. He said now-a-days Delhi is not having a Prime Minister but there is a proxy Prime Minister, who did take diktats from somewhere else.

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