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Sep 11, 2012 at 01:21pm IST

Narendra Modi sounds Gujarat poll bugle, says Congress misusing CBI

Mehsana: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi sounded the election bugle for the Assembly Elections later in 2012 and kick started his election campaign by upping his ante against the Congress, saying that the party is using the CBI against him. At a rally in Mehsana district in Gujarat on Tuesday, Modi hit out at the Congress-led UPA Government for misusing constitutional bodies for its own interest and its ease.

"They (Congress) question any constitutional authority that raises questions on them. They have even questioned the CAG," he said. Modi added that even the CBI is hand-in-glove with the Congress.

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Mocking the protest against Modi by Congress, the BJP leader said that the party should not get restless and let people decide after listening to both the BJP and the Congress.

"My Congress friends have said that Modi should be opposed wherever he goes. I would ask the Congress that is this democracy? Do you want that when Sonia comes there should be a protest? When Manmohan Singh comes there should be a protest? I would tell my Congress friends not to be restless. I would ask them to let people listen to both BJP and Congress and let them decide," he said.

Modi added, "I would say let the Congress leaders come and hold rallies. My state government will provide the facility."

Modi also slammed the Congress for questioning the constitutional authority that has questioned the Centre's governance and policies. He emphatically stated that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has been a mute spectator, not raising his voice in the past eight years.

"It has been eight years and have you ever heard the Prime Minister say what he wants to do for the people," Modi said.

Promising to continue his fight against the Congress in the state, Modi reiterated that Gujarat is not dependent on anybody. "I will continue my fight against Congress on only one issue - the issue of fight for justice for Gujarat. Gujarat is not dependant on anyone," claimed Modi.

Modi will begin a month-long yatra, called the Vivekanand Yuva Vikas Yatra and is slated to address 150 public meetings in 182 Assembly constituencies in the state over the next month.