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Apr 18, 2014 at 01:10pm IST

Modi unveils his economic agenda, says BJP government will review FDI

New Delhi: Unveiling his economic roadmap for the country, Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi claimed that the economic policy of his government will be pro-people and in favour of India's business interest. He also said that there was a need to review FDI with a different perspective.

"We have to protect the manufacturing sector of India. If we are unable to protect manufacturing sector and small scale industries then our youth's future will be destroyed," he claimed.

Speaking on FDI, Modi said that not just retail logic, but manufacturing logic must also be kept in mind. "We have to protect small scale industries and have a holistic approach towards FDI," he said.

While giving a perspective on his economic agenda if he becomes the Prime Minister, Modi said, "PSUs should be allowed to recover from their debts. They should not be branded as loss-making entities. Centre has to take states on board in the matter of general sales tax or GST."

However, he maintained that a government cannot show signs of improvement just in a few days and appealed for a full term for a BJP-led government. "There is no 100-day model of governance, take stock of our economic policies after 5 years," he said.

Talking about the industrial sector, Modi assured that India's manufacturing sector will be given sops to encourage growth. "We will not reduce subsidies and no crony capitalism will be tolerated," he said adding that he maintained an honest relationship with the corporate sector.

Claiming that India has been ruled by pseudo secularism for way too long, Modi yet again said that he would never indulge in divisive politics. "I will never commit the sin of appealing to one community. I will not say anything to Hindus or Muslims. I will only appeal to my fellow Indians. They will then decide. But I will never engage in divisive politics even if it means that I lose the elections. We are all fellow citizens and that is my firm belief. I have succeeded in Gujarat and I will succeed in India," he exuded confidence.