Apr 08, 2013 at 04:27pm IST

Mohanlal to play an alcoholic in 'Ladies and Gentleman'

Mohanlal will play a very different alcoholic in his new movie 'Ladies and Gentleman' coming from hitmaker Siddhique. The director who explains how he got hold of the star after a twenty years from their last in Vietnam Colony says that he was not that convinced as Lal agreed to do the film with a lead character who drinks alcohol. More over he has already done a similar role in Renjith's Spirit' which got much accolades. But then Lal said that it shouldn't be a deterrent to postpone the film, as he promised to play an alcoholic of a different kind in the same film.

Anyhow, the much satisfied director of 'Ladies and Gentleman', will place the movie before the viewers as a Vishu release.

The movie which is based on the IT industry of the state revolves around Chandrabose a delightful gentleman and his get together with the lives of young women around him and how he teaches them about the importance of positive attitudes.

Mohanlal to play an alcoholic in 'Ladies and Gentleman'

Sources say that Malayalam flick 'Ladies and Gentleman' will be released somewhere around 'Vishu' this year.