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Oct 09, 2013 at 09:46pm IST

Moily starts austerity drive to save fuel by riding on metro

New Delhi: Delhi Metro has a VIP commuter now as Petroleum Minister Veerappa Moily has started his drive to save fuel by commuting through metro to work. He plans to do so every Wednesday and he has also adviced his Cabinet colleagues to use public transport.

What can be termed as UPA's austerity drive, Moily says, "Have found a series of these measures."

With fuel prices at an all time high and number of registered cars on Delhi roads nearly 75 lakhs, Moily says ministers should shun the red beacon and opt for public transport. Unlike Congress 'yuvraj' Rahul Gandhi who took only one trip by Mumbai train, Moily says he will travel 'cattle class' once a week.

Moily also said, "I have asked my Cabinet colleagues to join in as well."

People said, "Ministers should use less number of cars for themselves."

Social media too gave a thumbs down to yet another austerity drive of UPAII.