Aug 10, 2008 at 05:06pm IST

Monsoon magic: Jog Falls, nature lovers' delight

Shimoga: The splendid beauty of Jog Falls has reappeared in it full glory. One of the five highest waterfalls in the world and India's highest is now attracting several lakh tourists and nature lovers from across the globe.

In the monsoons, the scenic Shimoga's star attraction is Jog Falls and its picturesque backdrop, because that is when River Sharavathi, which generates Karnataka's 30 per cent power, plunges 1000 feet into a valley.

Discovered by British explorers 150 years ago, Jog Falls, which are three times higher than the Niagara Falls in the US, have always been an enigma. The huge waterfall divides itself into four

The falls surrounded by mist, deep valleys, hundreds of miles of virgin forest and rolling hills, are 400 km from Bangalore and 200 km from Goa.

The falls, declared as one of the top ten UNESCO ecological hot spots in the world, are at their majestic best between July and October.

(With inputs from CNN-IBN)