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Jun 28, 2012 at 08:55am IST

Monsoon will revive in July: IMD

Bangalore: The monsoon is the lifeline for India. And this year, it's perceptibly weak. In Kerala, where the monsoon first hits, its tempo has slackened. The state has registered a rain deficit of 20 per cent, and in some some areas as low as 50 per cent.

Neighbouring Karnataka too is reeling under a deficit of 51 per cent in 27 of its 30 districts. If rain doesn't reach the interior districts by next month, it could spell doom for farmers. The Met department though continues to insist there is no cause for alarm.

B Puttanna, Director of the Indian Meteorological Department, says, "As of now it is not a worrying factor, so only thing is next month... rain... if it fails then only it is a major drawback. So we are expecting good rains in the coming month."

Northern Maharashtra, including Mumbai, hasn't received adequate rainfall. But experts predict heavier rains from later this week. But further north the condition is worsening. Uttar Pradesh is staring at a shortfall of over 74 per cent, deficit in Rajasthan is over 70 per cent too. Western Madhya Pradesh could suffer. The monsoon will miss its date with Delhi on June 29. Yet experts insist, this is only a temporary delay.

Says meteorologist SC Bhan, "Deficiency as per today is 22 per cent, which is not alarming because deficiency at the onset is not uncommon. This too is a delay and not deficit. It is expected to normalise by the end of first week of July."

However, torrential rains are normal in most of Eastern India and the North East. In fact, Assam is already reeling under a flood like situation.

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