Aug 02, 2011 at 08:03am IST

More trouble awaiting next Karnataka CM

BANGALORE: With a widely visible vertical split in the Karnataka BJP, B S Yeddyurappa’s successor will have a tough time in managing two factions — one led by Yeddyurappa himself and the other group comprising state unit president K S Eshwarppa and party national general secretary H N Ananth Kumar. Not just this, these potential factional fights have also put a question mark on the longevity of the new government.
Going by the pulls and pressures exerted by both Yeddyurappa and his rivals for a hard bargain in selecting the next chief minister, it is difficult to expect them to stay united after a new leader is elected. The smooth functioning of the government depends on how the new successor would handle this dicey situation by taking the warring groups along.
For sure, there is none in the anti-Yeddyurappa camp who can take him into confidence and ensure that new government functions without any hiccup. The same holds good for those in the Yeddyurappa camp vis-a-vis their rival group.
At his last pubic function as a CM, Yeddyurappa amply made it clear that he can not be taken for granted or ignored. He would remain an alternative power centre in the new government - whether his person succeeds or not.
“It is true that the next CM would have a tough time in handling the two factions,” said a BJP leader, adding that the factional feuds would begin from the day the exercise for the induction of new Council of Ministers begins.
Depending upon which faction would get the CM gaadi, the rival faction may wait for a time to hit out at the new dispensation. For the BJP high command, the first task is to elect the new successor.
The second and most crucial issue is the composition of the Council of Ministers which could lead to a fresh round of crisis for the new CM.
And considering his willy knack of bouncing back from nowhere, Yeddyurappa will for sure likely to hit at his rivals in the days to come. It could come within the next six months. It then means, snap polls to the Assembly.