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Jun 15, 2007 at 03:54pm IST

Most Americans fear terror in '07

New Delhi: The United States has ushered in the New Year on a grim note with most Americans predicting another terrorist attack, death and destruction from a natural disaster and a warmer planet during the year 2007.

According to the findings of an Associated Press-AOL News poll, six in every 10 people surveyed believe that the US will be the victim of a terrorist attack in the New Year. An identical percentage also apprehends the possibility of use of s a biological or nuclear weapon somewhere in the world.

A high 70 per cent of Americans who took part in the survey predict a major natural disaster in the country while an equal percentage expects worsening of global warming. As many as 35 per cent of those surveyed also predicted a cure for cancer will be found in 2007 and 25 per cent anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ.

GLOOMY FORECAST: Most Americans predict a gloomy year for United States in 2007.

The survey generally asked Americans to contemplate what 2007 holds for the country. About 29 per cent of Americans feel it is likely that the US will withdraw its troops from Iraq in the year 2007.

Only a minority of people think the US will go to war with Iran or North Korea over those countries' nuclear ambitions. An overwhelming majority of those surveyed think Congress will raise the federal minimum wage.

Among other predictions for 2007, 35 per cent predict the military draft will be reinstated; 25 per cent anticipate the second coming of Jesus Christ and nine per cent think scientists are likely to find evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

About 19 per cent Americans also feel scientists are likely to find evidence of extraterrestrial life

With Democrats poised to take control of Congress this week, eight in 10 people predict lawmakers will raise the $5.15-an-hour federal minimum wage. It would be the first increase since 1997. The telephone poll of 1,000 adults was conducted between December 12 and 14 by Ipsos, an international polling firm.