Mother jailed for sex with 14-year-old son

Press Trust Of India
Jul 14, 2010 at 01:29pm IST

New York: A mother from Michigan who pleaded guilty to having sex with her 14-year-old biological son, who she gave up for adoption when he was an infant was sentenced to a prison term of nine to 30 years.

Aimee L Sword, 36, apologised for her actions at her sentencing on Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court, the Detroit Free Press has reported.

Sword, who traced her son now 16 through the Facebook, received yearly updates and pictures from the boy's adoptive family in Grand Rapids, according to her attorney Mitchell Ribitwer.

Aimee L Sword, 36, apologised for her actions at her sentencing on Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court.

Ribitwer said Sword had been sexually and physically abused as a child. "When she saw this boy, something just touched off in her -- and it wasn't a mother-son relationship, it was a boyfriend girlfriend relationship," the lawyer said.

"Aimee's searching for a reason why this happened. She can't understand it. She's going to get some counselling," she added, noting the boy knew Sword was his biological mother. Investigators said she had sex with the teen in a Grand Rapids hotel and also at homes in Waterford in 2008, the report said.

But Sword, who was a Macy's makeup counter clerk, pleaded guilty to having sex with the boy once. Married at the time, Sword shared her home with her husband and five other children, toddlers to late teens, according to the newspaper.

The teen stayed for a while with his biological mother but after he returned to Grand Rapids, he talked about the incidents to a counsellor, who reported them to police.

"It's the first time I've really seen something like that between a mother-son," Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper said after the sentencing.

The judge sentenced Sword 30 years prison, with a non-parole period of nine years.


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