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Madhya Pradesh Assembly has no attendance record: RTI query

Press Trust of India
Sep 09, 2012 at 01:04pm IST

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Bhopal: The present Madhya Pradesh Assembly has not maintained an attendance record of its members, including that of the speaker and the chief minister, according to a reply under RTI.

No attendance records are kept, "thus it is impossible to furnish detail regarding it," the state Assembly's public information officer said, while replying to an RTI query by an advocate Nityanand Mishra, who sought attendance details of Speaker Ishwardas Rohani, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and other members since 2008.

If they are not keeping the records then on what grounds the Assembly has been reimbursing travel, daily allowances and other perks to the MLAs, Mishra said adding that if such is the case, it implies that auditing is not taking place.

No attendance record in MP Assembly: RTI query

If they are not keeping the records then on what grounds the Assembly has been reimbursing the MLAs' allowances, the RTI activist asked.

"People want to know what their MLAs were doing in the House. They have all the right to get this vital information. When Parliament is keeping such a record, why the MP Assembly does not keep such an important detail?" he asked.

"I have already filed an appeal with the Assembly deputy secretary against public information officer's reply stating that the House does not keep record of its members' attendance," he said. A daily allowance of around Rs 500 is paid to a member to participate in the Assembly proceedings.

MP Assembly Speaker Ishwardas Rohani said he was unaware of the reply to RTI application. "I will check it out and comment over the issue," he added.

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