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May 09, 2013 at 03:32pm IST

MP not sorry for walking out of LS while Vande Mataram was being played

New Delhi: Controversy over the walkout by BSP MP Shafiqur Rahman Burq from the Lok Sabha took a new turn as he refused to apologise for walking out of the House while national song Vande Mataram was being played. Burq said that as a Muslim he cannot show respect towards the national song.

"I won't apologise to anyone. I respect the National Anthem, not the national song Vande Mataram. Vande Mataram is an ode to motherland. Muslims like me bend only before Allah, not before any other god," said Burq.

While speaking to CNN-IBN, the BSP MP added, "I have boycotted the song on earlier occasions too. Why other Muslim MPs don't do, isn't my concern."

The incident had prompted an angry rebuke from the Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar who has demanded an explanation from the MP. "One honourable member walked out when Vande Mataram was being played. I take very serious view of this. I would want to know why this was done. This should never be done again," Meira said.

Barq, BSP Lok Sabha MP from Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh, was seen walking out of the House as Vande Mataram was being played with all members standing in attention.

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