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May 14, 2013 at 09:29pm IST

MP: Prime land allotted to others registered in CM's relatives' names

Bhopal: A cloud of corruption hangs over one of the BJP's most celebrated chief ministers - Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Chouhan is in the midst of a row over allotment of prime land in Bhopal to his relatives. An RTI query has revealed how prime land that was allotted to other individuals was registered in the names of Shivraj Singh's cousins.

Even a court order stipulating returning the land to original allottees was not reportedly adhered to by the CM's family members.

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Chouhan is also accused of giving land to RSS and BJP workers. Nearly 50 acres of prime land was given to BJP workers across the state at throwaway prices.

The MP CM often likes to flaunt his development credentials for the state. But now CNN-IBN has accessed documents which show that his development model isn't just for the state he rules, but for his entire family as well.

Yogesh Purswani, an engineer by profession, is fighting a pitched battle against the aides and relatives of Chouhan for the sake of a 2100 sq ft plot in Bhopal that was allotted to him by a society in 1996. Till March 2007, Yogesh had given Rs 1,39,000 to the society. But after having made the complete payment, he realised, to his horror, that the same plot had already been registered in someone else's name - Sanjay Kumar - that too on November 10, 2006, when he himself was still making the payments.

Purswani ended up going to court, where he got an order in his favour in March 2011. But that was just the beginning of his ordeal. "I got the order from the court. The judge himself signed on my registry but when I went to the plot, Sandhya Singh had already put her ownership board on the property and I was threatened and asked not to venture anywhere near the property," Purswani told CNN-IBN.

Sandhya Singh's name is indeed still marked as the owner of the property which is worth over Rs 50 lakh but it is her husband Ghanshyam Singh who is managing the affairs. He calls himself a BJP leader and is seen sharing hoarding space with senior BJP leaders.

Purswani is not the only sufferer. He, at least, has a registered document that proves his ownership. There are over 100 others who are either fighting it out in courts or else are begging for their plots. The society, on the other hand, never stopped taking new members and selling plots to them. Most of the new members got plots that had already been allotted to other members. And many of these new members are also closely associated with Chouhan.

Amongst the biggest beneficiaries, is reportedly the half brother of Shivraj Chouhan - Rohit Chouhan.

RTI documents show how Rohit and his wife Rashmi got hold of plots without even getting any allotment in their name. Even the amount they paid, Rs 98,000, was far less than what was paid by genuine allottees like Purswani.

Other Chouhan family members who now have plots originally allotted to others include - the CM's sister-in-law, Anita Chouhan; his cousin Praduman Chouhan, and other relatives identified as Brijesh Chauhan, Dharmendra Chauhan, Seema Chauhan, Mamta Chauhan and Balwant Chauhan. It also includes a family friend, Subhash Verma.

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