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Aug 13, 2012 at 08:39am IST

MP: Rains destroy soya bean, rice crop

Vidisha: The low pressure area that caused heavy rainfall in the north western parts of Madhya Pradesh is finally moving towards Rajasthan, but for soya bean farmers the damage is already done. The crop has got heavily damaged and 25 people have reportedly been killed in rain related incidents in the state.

Bijendra Jaat of Mandwai village on the Vidisha-Raisen district border had invested around Rs 40,000 cultivating soya bean on his 10-acre land holding. Till July-end, Jaat, along with other farmers, was praying for rain. The deluge that came at the beginning of August choked the drainage points, resulting in flooding of the fields.

"You please see it four yourself, this water is in the fields for more than one week now. The soya bean that we had sown is finished. Rice has also got affected," Bijendra said.

Communication links snapped after crucial roads were cut off due to rising water levels in the Narmada, Betwa and Tawa rivers. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan promised damage-assessment to the farmers after two aerial surveys.

Farmer Gulab Singh Meena said, "Soya bean is finished. Rice is almost finished because water had got into the fields as you can see. We sowed basmati, everything got drowned, water is at least 3 feet above the rice. There is little hope."

The Vidisha-Hoshangabad-Raisen region is one of the top soya bean producing areas in the country. But this deluge has left the small and marginal farmers having to face the wrath of the rain gods.

Even though the rains have stopped, for the farmer the damage is already done. Not only has the farmer who sowed soya bean on his fields lost his seed but he will also no be able to sow soya bean again. For him the Kharif crop has already ended.