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Apr 21, 2008 at 05:15pm IST

MTV Roadies: From eating snakes to kickboxing

International Episode II

Location: Hua Hin

  • The Roadies reach their next destination – Hua Hin which is a sea side port.
  • Roadies acquire a new meaning for sea food, kickboxing. Read on to know how.

  • This is the first time they ride their Karizmas abroad and they feel great as the roads are smoother and pothole-free.
  • On Route, they stop for their next money task aptly called ‘all you can eat’. The job to be done is to eat a five-course meal consisting of earthworms, assorted insects, locusts with juice inside, squid (raw), unclean frog and snake and with every round, the money per dish increases. They are paid per dish as against per round. Aashu being a vegetarian opts out of the task, which results in mixed feelings between the fellow Roadies.
  • The tasks start and all heroes realise that this task is tougher than it looks. Things are somewhat under control for the first two rounds but then things start getting gross. The locusts open up in the mouth resulting is a disgusting smell. Frogs and snakes are not edible at all as the Roadies puke them out.
  • Disappointed, the Roadies reach their hotels where Vibhor tries to enter Aashu and Nihal’s group by pointing out Varun’s weakness as a captain. In the girls, Prabhjot wants Nihal out.
  • The next task is the advantage task. The Roadies reach the Grand Sports Centre where they are showed a demonstration of Muah Thai – Thai kickboxing, which is an extreme version of Kickboxing.
  • The Roadies are trained by professionals and are expected to learn Muah Thai in six hours, a technique which normally takes up to six months.
  • Another twist as the Roadies get to know that they are fighting none other than between themselves. What follows is one of the most violent tasks in Roadies history.
  • Varun, Prabhjot, Sonel and Vibhor win the advantage and the advantage is that they get to vote twice.
  • At the vote-out, it is neck to neck between Nihal and Varun but a blunder by Prabhjot results in Varun being voted out.

Voted out: Varun

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