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Dec 21, 2008 at 12:13pm IST

Mugabe says Zimbabwe for Zimbabweans

Atlanta: From crisis to disaster and now to the verge of catastrophe. Zimbabwe is stalked by cholera and malnutrition. Its infrastructure has collapsed.

Now the plight of its people is drowned out by the slings and arrows of president Robert Mugabe and his "enemies" in the "imperialist West."

"I will never sell my country. I will never never never surrender Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is mine. I am a Zimbabwean. Zimbabwe never for the British," says Mugabe.

Three months ago, Mugabe agreed to a national unity government after disputed elections.

However, on and off negotiations now threaten to collapse completely.

Meanwhile, the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said, "We support those who are the democratically elected and not those who are there simply because they have held on to power when the electorate has not elected them."

Removing Mugabe would require the active support of Zimbabwe's neighbors which is something that Washington badly wants.

Washington feels that it is time for all countries who have “unused leverage” to use that leverage."

A jab at South Africa, the United Nations Secretary General is also critical of the way Zimbabwe's neighbors have resisted a role for the UN in resolving the political stalemate.

Meanwhile, argument rages over who should run the country.