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Sep 14, 2007 at 12:30pm IST

Mulayam to add the big B to his Muslim-Yadav alliance

Lucknow: The stage seems set for a Mishra Vs Mishra contest in Uttar Pradesh. If Chief Minister Mayawati made a Brahmin — Satish Chandra Mishra — her right hand man, Mulayam Singh Yadav cannot be far behind.

He, too, has now roped in a Mishra from Ayodhaya to woo the Brahmins. His Samajwadi Party, which till now relied heavily on MY or the Muslim-Yadav combination, now wants to add the big B and make it a unique Brahmin-Muslim-Yadav alliance.

Says Samajwadi Party General Secretary, Amar Singh, "Asuron ka nash karne ke liye Brahmins. (To kill the demons, it is necessary to have Brahmins with us.)"

And the man who has been offered to lead Mulayam's Brahmin campaign is Kripa Shankar Mishra, who is the National President of a Sanatan Brahmin Samaj that has branches in nine states.

The state government is running with the help of Brahmins, but they themselves are not getting full support of the government. This is an insult to them. My group has decided to oppose it with the help of the Samajwadi Party," says Kripa Shankar Mishra.

An optimistic Mulayam feels this is a trump card he can use in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls for according to him, Brahmins are already disillusioned with Mayawati.

"Many Brahmins and Thakurs have written to me explaining how their land is being taken away by the present government," says Mulayam Singh.

But in a caste-fractured state such as Uttar Pradesh, bringing Brahmins and Thakurs on the same platform will be be an uphill task — though since Mulayam's close confidante, Amar Singh himself is a Thakur — the party is hoping that he should be able to bridge the divide.

This new experiment by the Samajwadi Party may have come a bit late, but Mulayam Singh Yadav seems to have finally realised that if his party has to win back the lost ground, he must not only hold a talwar (sword) in his hand, but also put a tilak (vermilion dot) on his forehead.