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Jan 31, 2013 at 11:39am IST

Multi lingual actor Ramesh Arvind, hopes that controversy surrounding 'Vishwaroopam' resolves amicably

Bangalore: Extending his support to Kamal Haasan, popular multi lingual actor Ramesh Arvind hoped the controversy surrounding the release of 'Vishwaroopam' would be sorted out amicably.

"I am really pained by the statement made by Kamal that he might seek a secular place in the country or overseas to live as Tamil Nadu does not want him. I can understand the pain that Kamal is going through to speak like this. He is really

being pushed to the wall. I really hope the issue is resolved amicably", Arvind who had acted with him in a couple of films told PTI.

Haasan has been pushed to the wall, says Ramesh Arvind

Arvind has acted with Kamal in a couple of popular Tamil films like 'Sati Leelavathi' and 'Panchathantram'.

"Kamal is a thespian who is an inspiration to a generation of actors including me. He has done path breaking films and to see him undergo this, really hurts", said Arvind who has not only acted with Kamal in a couple of popular Tamil films like 'Sati Leelavathi' and 'Panchathantram' but also featured Kamal

in his directorial debut in Kannada 'Rama, Shama, Bhama', where he (Ramesh) played the lead.

Arvind said he saw no reason for the film being banned as "there is nothing in it which could create communal disharmony".

National Award winning Kannada Director Girish Kasaravalli said, "if the film has been cleared by the film certification board, there is no reason why it should not be screened".