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Jun 15, 2013 at 12:00pm IST

Mumbai: Axis Bank reverses amount fraudulently withdrawn from accounts

Mumbai: Axis Bank has reversed the amount withdrawn fraudulently from 37 accounts, including 12 being operated by Mumbai policemen. The accounts had been hacked and Rs 16 lakh withdrawn fraudulently through ATMs in Greece.

Axis Bank spokesperson said, "A small number of our customers' accounts (less than 50) have been impacted through transactions at compromised ATMs in Mumbai belonging to multiple banks. We have reversed the impact in all such customers' accounts with immediate effect, to ensure they are not inconvenienced. We are undertaking a full investigation into the incident and are working closely with law enforcement officials in this regard. We wish to assure our customers that Axis Bank stands committed to protecting their interests and that we have the necessary systems to ensure the same."

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The Mumbai Police claims that cloning devices were installed in a few ATMs and the data was used to make withdrawals in Greece. The bank has already filed an FIR with the Colaba Police Station and has assured the customers that necessary steps will be taken.

The Mumbai police, informed about the incident on Thursday night, has been conducting an inquiry which is being headed by a DCP rank officer. The investigation reveals that 37 accounts of Axis Bank have been cloned and around RS 16 lakh siphoned off from the accounts out of which Rs 2.5 lakh belongs to Mumbai Police personnel.